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The Benefits Of SEO?

Every brand has specific online goals. The primary one amongst these is achieving brand visibility. Living in a time where technology and online space are ever-evolving, it can be a little daunting to adapt to these changes quickly and create a noticeable niche for your brand. But there’s one simple strategy that can put you a league ahead if mastered. This is nothing but Search Engine Optimisation, or what we often refer to as SEO. Without delay, let’s cut to the chase and get started on how we can reap the benefits of SEO.

Though SEO sounds like a complicated and mind-boggling practice, it’s pretty simple. Consolidating all that you need to know about SEO, we have created what we’d like to call ‘The SEO Pyramid’.

Working your way up this pyramid is the way to reap the benefits of SEO. Are you asking how? We’ll walk you through it.

Achieve search engine crawlability:

Search engines use something called a ‘crawler’ to analyse content. Also called a bot, this crawler is nothing but a piece of program code that hovers over websites on the internet, collecting and indexing the data. To ensure that your web pages get indexed and ranked on the SERPs, ensure that your robots.txt file or the robot meta tags on your website or webpage do not block crawlers and that the status code in the HTTP header does not say page doesn’t exist. That’s for the technical side of things. If you didn’t know before, a crawler can skim through the content to check if it’s relevant and unique. That takes us to the next rung of the pyramid.

Create unique and relevant content and optimise the same:

Your content is what sets you apart. To make crawl accessibility smooth, your content needs to answer the search queries entered by your audience. This is where keyword research helps. Choose keywords that are relevant to your industry and customers, and incorporate the same in your content. Don’t go overboard, as the bots can spot keyword stuffing too! Another big no-no is copied content. Your page goes down several ranks if the crawlers identify your content to be plagiarised. So, craft your content from scratch!


Provide good User Experience (UX):

Once your content is sorted, the next obvious thing to do is present it well to your audience. This is what most of us miss out. UX includes everything from the navigation on your website, loading speed and website experience on different devices. If you have good content that takes too long to load, you might lose a potential customer. So, don’t compromise on UX!

Increase your visibility:

The best way to amplify your content and become more visible is by getting backlinks and citations. One of the best ways to do this is through guest blogging and listing your website on relevant industry directories. Sharing your content on social media also helps with increasing your reach and visibility. Optimising your title tags, headings, meta description, images, etc. will take you a notch higher on the SERPs as search engines crawl upon these first, before getting to your content.

Analyse and act:

Lastly, use an analytics tool to observe how your strategies, keywords and tactics are working. Look into this regularly to continue with what’s working and weeding out what’s not. Don’t forget to see what your competitors are doing, what’s trending in your field and what new thing your customers are looking for, to tend to them accordingly.

Now that you know what to do and how to do it, you’re only left with implementing the same and enjoying the numerous benefits SEO brings to the table. We hope this makes your SEO journey a little easier like it did for us.

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