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social media marketing
For many brands paid social media advertising is an essential tool in their marketing arsenal. The benefits of a well-executed social media advertising campaign are undeniable enhanced brand awareness, a loyal customer following, client trust, improved sales, high-value ROI and more. At 404 Digital Marketing, we specialize in positioning your business to leverage these benefits and achieve greater success in the digital realm.
In todays digital landscape, social media channels have emerged as the primary source for news and current information. Therefore, establishing a strong social media presence is essential for enhancing a brand’s search rankings and overall digital marketing strategy.
When discussing social paid advertising, it refers to paying for advertisements on various social media platforms. The main objective is to capture the attention of customers, build brand recognition, and engage with your target audience.
social media marketing

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At 404 Digital Marketing, we’re dedicated to delivering measurable results from your social media advertising campaigns. Let us handle the complexities of managing paid ads for you. If you’re too busy to handle social media posting and advertising, reach out to us today!
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Increased Competition

Since there is an increase in competition on the web, leveraging targeted ads can help you reach more potential buyers effectively.

Increase Brand Awareness

Get your brand in front of more people, gain a competitive edge, and maximize your sales potential!

Get Quicker Results

Get quicker results with a larger reach at lower prices compared to other digital marketing advertising options.

Changing Market Standards

We stay updated on all industry trends, enabling you to capitalize on your buyers' browsing habits and drive increased traffic to your platform

Social media advertising is no longer solely about posting content and hoping for clicks. 404 Digital Marketing can elevate your brand’s social media presence into a trusted channel for enhancing brand awareness, acquiring customers, and retaining clients. Reach out to us today to kickstart your journey with our social media advertising services.
There are over 2.8 billion active users on social media every month and this number keeps growing everyday. If your business isn’t on social media, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach a massive online market. Advertising on social media allows your business to boost brand awareness, engage with customers, and drive sales.

Advertisements are referred to by different names across various social media platforms, yet they all share a common objective: to establish an ad for diverse marketing campaigns.

On Facebook and Instagram, a boosted post serves as a fundamental advertising type aimed at enhancing engagement, such as likes, shares, and comments. For a more tailored and advanced advertising strategy, setting up an ad through Facebook Ads is recommended.

Twitter and Pinterest also offer their versions of ‘promoted’ posts or pins to amplify engagement. Meanwhile, on LinkedIn, sponsored posts are utilized to target professionals within a specific industry or niche.

Defining your audience is important when setting up your social ads. Begin by asking yourself the core demographic of your audience.

It varies depending on several factors. Naturally, allocating a larger budget tends to yield better results. However, for newcomers to the realm of advertising, we suggest commencing with a modest budget. This allows you to experiment with ads and determine which ones resonate most effectively with your brand.

There are different tools that will help you track your campaign metrics. Most social media channels have their own insight tools that provide immediate feedback after each campaign. 

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