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WooCommerce for School Rings & Graduation Products

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WooCommerce for School Rings & Graduation Products

This was an interesting project that required a lot of custom development to achieve the client’s business goals. The client only sells to students that go to a school that they have a contract with. So, in order to purchase you need to have a login for your school. The products displayed are dynamically tied to the school you are registered with. The project is Built-in WooCommerce and with have WordPress Development.

Web development project features:

  • Custom WooCommerce functionality
    Custom WordPress Theme
    Products displayed based on the end-users high school
    Customization and eCommerce custom configuration for personalizing items at checkout

Seota Digital Marketing in Frisco, TX is known for our ability to create custom eCommerce experiences and advanced programming skills.

Project URL : https://www.nationalgraduationproducts.com/