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Bathroom Remodeling Website Design

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Bathroom Remodeling Website Design

Bath Envy Web Design

This client is a joint venture between two local entrepreneurs, A general contractor, and a shower and bath specialist. They decided to merge their talents in an effort to create the largest bathroom remodeling company in Texas.

The Logo

The design started with logo creation. The logo needed to be elegant and speak to an audience looking to improve the look of their bathroom.

The Content

This was a startup with no content, Seota created all the content, curated images, and pulled it all together into the final design you see here.

The Website

Designed in Adobe XD, the design focused on getting the “call to actions” above the fold in mobile as well as desktop versions. In mobile, the click to call and the click to contact is very thumb-friendly and on the desktop version, we have a contact form in the banner. The site is built-in WordPress using a custom WordPress theme created by Seota.


Seota started the SEO for the new business on December 15, 2020. The site is already ranking for key terms in the local market and is part of the bathroom remodeling marketing portfolio.