Yahoo Advertising

Yahoo Advertising
While Google ads may enjoy greater popularity compared to Yahoo Ads, it’s essential not to overlook the potential of the latter. Yahoo maintains over 117 unique searches per month, representing 30% of the search market. Many individuals still utilize Yahoo as their primary search engine, including employees in workplaces where browsers are locked to Yahoo and those who have relied on this search engine for years.
Yahoo provides various ad formats and specifications for advertisers to choose from, catering to diverse marketing needs. Additionally, they offer competitive cost opportunities for their ads, making it an attractive platform for businesses looking to reach their target audience effectively and affordably.


Our primary objective with these PPC ads is to guide users to your meticulously crafted and engaging landing page, typically located at the top of search engine results.


Yahoo display ads effectively retarget users who've engaged with your content, converting them into paying customers with dynamic ads. Maximize your retargeting campaigns with Yahoo's display ad platform.


These are highly visual Yahoo ads intended to supercharge engagement and boost interaction. They can be designed in various forms single-image, video, carousel etc.


Yahoo Mail ads, as the name suggests, are displayed within the Yahoo Mail platform. Due to its popularity, these ads typically boast high click-through rates.

Yahoo display ads excel in retargeting/remarketing efforts, targeting individuals who have previously displayed interest in your brand. Unlike search engine results, these personalized ads appear on web pages, strategically positioned at the bottom, top, sides, or middle of the page content.

With Yahoo display ads, 404 Digital Marketing can personalize your marketing message and target a specific segment within your audience. Additionally, we’ll provide you with valuable insights into your target audience’s consumer behavior and improve the cost-effectiveness of your overall marketing.

Get More From Your Yahoo Ads
With 404 Digital Marketing

While Google dominates the search market share and remains the primary choice for paid media ads, investing in Yahoo ads remains a worthwhile venture.
At 404 Digital Marketing, we prioritize ensuring your business has a strong presence across the web. This includes running well-designed Yahoo ads tailored to elevate your brand.
You are probably thinking, “why would I want to advertise on Yahoo?”
Searches on Yahoo alone reach over 117 million per month, signifying a vast potential market. If you’re exclusively focusing on Google ads, you could be missing out on approximately 30% of your potential market.
Reach out to us to discover how we can assist your business in flourishing on Yahoo and other social media platforms.
404 Digital Marketing can elevate your visibility in search results and keep you ahead of the competition. With our tailored digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!
With 117 million monthly users, Yahoo ads are highly effective. Targeting users with high intent, they’re more inclined to click on paid search ads, offering better conversion opportunities for your business.
Yahoo requires a monthly fee ranging from $5 to $300, determined by the directory where your site is listed. If you require assistance with setting up Yahoo Ads, speak with our experts to begin the process.

Yahoo primarily offers four ad formats for those interested in running a PPC advertising campaign on its platform.

  • Search Ads: Yahoo’s search ads are efficient because of their accurate and relevant search results targeted towards the audience with the highest intent.
  • Display Ads: Yahoo display ads target individuals who have previously searched for specific products, services, or brands. This personalized advertising approach is commonly referred to as retargeting or remarketing.
  • Sponsored Ads: This type of ad format is common among all PPC platforms. It can be in a single image, video, native, or carousel form.
  • Yahoo Mail Ads: This ad is exclusive for users who are still actively using their Yahoo email.



Our paid media campaigns offer swift feedback on your marketing efforts. You can expect to see initial results within 2 weeks to 1 month after launching the ad. For significant positive outcomes and campaign refinement, we suggest longer durations to allow for optimization and improved performance.
We offer monthly reports detailing your Yahoo ads campaigns, including custom KPIs and actionable insights derived from quantitative and qualitative analysis. Additionally, we provide informal weekly updates on the progress of your campaigns for enhanced transparency and collaboration.