Twitter Ads

With more than 330 million monthly active users Twitter provides an opportunity to reach a wider audience and make connections through compelling content. By joining breaking news, trending topics and the latest industry conversations, your brand can easily take the pulse of your audience’s wants and needs.
A scheduled tweet is not enough to do this, you will need real-time trend monitoring, surveys, polls, and other exciting marketing features. This is where Tulumi’s Twitter marketing services can be of help.


Twitter posts have the potential to rapidly circulate, particularly when they capture your audience's attention. At 404 Digital Marketing, we specialize in crafting tweets that resonate with your specific target audience. Whether it's through engaging polls, captivating GIFs, or other exciting content formats, we ensure that your Twitter ads align perfectly with your audience's preferences.


Apart from tweets, 404 Digital Marketing utilizes Carousel Twitter Ads to effectively showcase your products in the classic ad format. With Carousel Twitter Ads, we can feature a series of photos and videos highlighting multiple products or services, maximizing the impact of your advertising campaign.


Did you know that 93% of brands acquired customers with social media videos? That’s why video ads are a part of Tulumi’s Twitter advertising strategy. We work with our motion graphic designers to produce teaser ads, product overviews, and highlights to put your brand in the limelight.

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter offers a valuable opportunity to reach a broader audience and forge connections through compelling content. By participating in breaking news, trending topics, and the latest industry conversations, your brand can effectively gauge your audience’s interests and preferences.

Merely scheduling tweets isn’t sufficient to achieve this level of engagement; real-time trend monitoring, surveys, polls, and other dynamic marketing features are essential. This is where 404 Digital Marketing’s Twitter marketing services excel, offering the tools and expertise needed to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of social media.
Twitter Ads
Beyond organic Twitter outreach, our tailored advertising campaigns at 404 Digital Marketing swiftly connect you with potential customers. Utilizing advanced targeting, we identify Twitter users interested in your brand or offerings, enhancing your conversion potential and driving meaningful growth.
Partner with us today to craft a personalized Twitter advertising campaign tailored to your company’s needs!
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With over 300 million active users, Twitter stands as an exceptional social platform for businesses to engage with new audiences. Regardless of scale, businesses can leverage Twitter marketing not only as an additional customer service line but also to connect with influencers and foster meaningful engagement with their audience.

For effective event promotion on Twitter, start by choosing a relevant hashtag that encapsulates your event or its theme. Begin posting teasers or early registration announcements to generate anticipation. Ensure to follow individuals expressing interest or engaging with your brand.

Twitter offers myriad strategies for success. When executed effectively, you can boost conversion rates while minimizing your cost per lead. Planning an event soon? Schedule a complimentary strategic consultation with our paid media experts today.

Hashtags remain relevant to this day because they can help a story, product or event go viral. It’s also a way to track activities around your campaign. This is especially helpful when running a giveaway or online contest. It will be easier to track and identify winners.

Investing in a third-party team to manage your Twitter ads campaign is a crucial decision. While we can’t speak for others, at Tulumi Digital Marketing, we prioritize the care and satisfaction of our clients. When you entrust your Twitter ads campaign to our team, you can expect to benefit from the following:

  • Support from our experts
  • Transparent pricing & deliverables
  • Twitter marketing works
  • Twitter marketing strategies using the latest advertising trends
  • Transparent reporting
  • Clear and constant communication
  • Application of the best and latest features in running Twitter Ads

To enhance your social media advertising efforts, it’s essential to track various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with your campaign goals. Here are six top Twitter metrics that can serve as a starting point:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Audience Demographics
  • Video Completion Rate
  • Results
  • Cost Per Result
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