Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising
Owning and managing a Facebook account for your business is one thing, but investing in Facebook advertising is another. As the largest social media platform with high popularity and active monthly users, Facebook offers numerous benefits for brands looking to advertise on its platform.
Facebook advertising and expert social media management are key components of our digital marketing services. Running Facebook ads is one of the most effective methods for acquiring new customers, enhancing brand awareness, and fostering lasting relationships with your audience. Need more exposure? In addition to Facebook Ads, we provide comprehensive…

80% Of Internet Users Use Facebook

Many of your potential customers are spending the majority of their time on Facebook, making it the ideal platform to reach them.

Facebook Ads Are Highly Targeted

Because people share a wealth of information on Facebook, it's easy to segment your target audience based on various parameters. The outcome is a more targeted ad campaign.

Facebook Advertising Can Deliver Quick Results

With the right targeting, your ads can start to reach thousands of users within a short period.

Facebook Ads Provide Measurable Performance

Similar to other forms of advertising, Facebook enables you to track the performance of your ads to ensure you're achieving quality returns.

Find a Trusted Facebook Advertising Company

404 Digital Marketing is the leading Facebook advertising company serving Connecticut and Colombia and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing quality results for our clients. Ultimately, our aim is to position your brand for success and maximize the returns on your marketing dollars. Partner with 404 Digital Marketing and let us navigate your online journey to success.
Being a premier Facebook advertising company, 404 Digital Marketing thrives on performance-based processes, many of which have demonstrated their efficacy in helping companies scale their business and achieve higher profits in a short timeframe. We handle everything from data-driven targeting to creative designs, and even growth consulting. This approach allows you to channel your time and efforts into the more critical aspects of your business.
At 404 Digital Marketing, we represent the next generation of Facebook advertising agencies, prioritizing results above all else. We leverage cutting-edge software and tools meticulously designed to ensure your success in the digital landscape.
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The average cost-per-click on Facebook is $1.86 (Fit Small Business)

The average cost-per-thousand-views on Facebook is $11.20 (Fit Small Business)

26% of people who click on ads report making a purchase (Sparkcentral)

The average conversion rate on Facebook ads is 9.21% (Wordstream)

We choose paid media marketing strategies that create a lasting impact on your audience. Our Facebook Ads not only inspire your audience to purchase your product or service but also cultivate long-term loyalty among your customers.
Our ads are crafted to illustrate why your brand is the one they should trust and recommend. With years of experience, we’ve honed our ability to comprehend the psychology behind why individuals opt for certain brands, even when they may be pricier than others.
Our ads extend beyond the platform’s paid Facebook advertising services. We elevate our approach by leveraging other digital assets such as social pages and groups. These channels enable us to share your ads and enhance their organic engagement. Consequently, this informs Facebook’s algorithm to prioritize your content visibility over your competitors’. 404 Digital Marketing stands as a full-service paid media agency with an extensive network of digital connections.
Invest your time and energy into the crucial aspects of your business. Collaborate with us and leave the intricacies of Facebook Ads in our capable hands.
404 Digital Marketing can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!
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