Bing Ads

Bing Ads
It’s not easy to find the right clients, especially when you don’t know where to look. 404 Digital Marketing advertises where the people are. If your company is looking for business owners, we go straight to search engines.
However, we can not just focus on Google alone. Bing, Google’s competitor or also has a lot to offer in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
Bing Ads

Lower in Price

Save up to 70% on your ad campaign costs with Bing Ads, depending on the cost per click, compared to Google AdWords.

Bing Ads

Limited Competition

Given that the majority of advertisers are on Google, competition on Bing is low. With less competition, you can advertise without being overshadowed by more prominent brands.

Higher Target Penetration

While Bing may have a smaller share in the search engine market, it's important not to view this negatively. Despite not dominating the market, your Bing ads will still reach all of their users.

Bing, owned by Microsoft, is widely accessible on Windows devices globally, offering advertisers a valuable platform. Before Bing, Microsoft’s search engine was MSN. Yahoo and Google were once major competitors in the search engine market, marking a dynamic landscape.
To gain a competitive edge in the PPC advertising arena, Microsoft introduced adCenter, later rebranded to Bing Ads due to acquisitions and mergers. Bing Ads emerged as a popular alternative to AdWords for several years. Today, Microsoft controls Bing, Yahoo, and AOL for paid ads. With such vast reach, Bing Ads was rebranded to Microsoft Advertising in April 2019.
Bing Ads are visible across Microsoft’s trio of search engines: Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. This diversity allows you to access leads from various demographics and sources.
Bing Ads

Unique filter options (e.g., ads appear only on the 20-35 age group, etc.) and social extension

Older but high-income target audience, unlike Google’s

Higher conversion rates in ads because Bing users focus on shopping and financial services

We are a forward thinking Bing advertising agency focused on delivering results through cutting edge software and tools designed for your success.
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With 404 Digital Marketing, harness the power of Bing Ads: effective, affordable, and less competitive.

Easy Bing Marketing Dominance

Less competition on Bing Ads gives you more control and affordability compared to Google, offering similar results at a lower cost.

Consistent Training

While often overlooked, Bing Ads by Connecticut and Colombia agencies due to its training requirements and secondary status, at 404 Digital Marketing, we invest in Bing Ads expertise to excel in competitive keywords, surpassing Google's results.

Social Extension Advantage

With Microsoft's ownership of LinkedIn and its connections across social networking sites, Bing Ads offers exclusive features like social ad visibility. At 404 Digital Marketing, our Bing Ads experts create highly converting ad materials.

Bing Ads Proficiency

Google Ads remains our primary PPC tool, yet we've extensively utilized Bing Ads, conducting A/B testing across platforms. With years of experience, we occasionally advise clients to opt for Bing Ads to save costs and achieve precise results, leveraging our expertise in both platforms.

Extensive Bing Advertising Research

At 404 Digital Marketing, our dedicated project managers simplify communication with our Bing Ads Agency in Connecticut and Colombia, ensuring clarity amidst technical analytics, scheduling, keyword bidding, and jargon. Experienced professionals deliver easy-to-understand updates and results for enhanced transparency.

Social Extension Advantage

At 404 Digital Marketing, extensive research and client communication drive our highly converting Bing Ads. We tailor content to resonate with your target audience, boosting CTR and sales through attention-grabbing materials.

404 Digital Marketing guiding your inaugural Bing Ads campaign, we’ll leverage smaller markets to generate abundant leads for your brand’s PPC ads. Reach out today to get started.
We can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!
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